Highly Efficient Electromechanical Energy Storage


The Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) is a new technology for high-efficiency energy storage of 5.8kWh. The FESS will effectively unleash the potential of renewable energy and transportation markets, quickly accepting intermittent energy for later use. It will also store the energy needed to power homes and businesses when electricity demands are at the minimum, cutting the peak demand for electricity. Safe and clean energy storage has major implications for a wide customer base and the product is strategically designed to meet the needs of both commercial and personal users.


The Finite Element Analysis and extensive simulation that has been completed shows significant potential for the FESS to meet target cost, weight and efficiency objectives. We are currently optimizing materials and fabricating rotors for testing. Development, engineering and testing of this novel technology will be completed in 2013. 

While billions of dollars are being spent to improve battery chemistry, we not aware of any other efforts to produce a cost-effective electromechanical battery. This unique, enabling technology and clear development and deployment strategy make the FESS a true revolution. As this product represents a technology platform that can serve many large, growing markets, sales may be accelerated with additional investment.