The Path to Innovation

AMT was founded in 1994 by Tony Morris & Kent R. Davey, Ph.D.

Morris came to the company from Atlanta-based project management firm Park Square Consultants, LLC., a project management firm specializing in airport facilities, major office and commercial facilities, sports stadiums, public transportation and educational establishments, including the nationwide roll-out of USA Today newspaper. Morris’ previous clients include Delta Airlines ($3.5 billion in developments alone), Lincoln Property Company and scores of public and private entities across the United States.

Dr. Davey, a Fellow with IEEE and editor with IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, was a researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology at the time AMT was founded, and eventually became AMT's Chief Scientist. 

Over the past 18 years, AMT has invested over $50 million in research and development of its advanced technologies. We have built 3 maglev test tracks and numerous prototype and commercially operating technologies in various industry sectors.

For a more detailed history of our maglev technology development, please see the Maglev History page.