Magnetic Brake for Aircraft 


AMT, in conjunction with affiliate company Inductive Ventures, is currently in development of a novel magnetic brake as a direct replacement for the current state-of-the-art carbon brakes.  The magnetic brake that we are testing today is designed for the Airbus A320 aircraft. 

The magnetic brake is able to fit into existing spaces available on the aircraft and is able to provide over 6,000 foot-pounds of braking torque. 

The magnetic brake can recapture a significant portion of the aircraft’s kinetic energy during the landing event and transfers this energy from the landing wheels through the motor generator to an energy storage device located onboard the aircraft. It can also act as an electric motor to move the aircraft, including pushback, taxi and ground movement ops capabilities. By using an electric motor instead of burning fuel that would otherwise be used by running the aircraft’s engines while the aircraft is on the ground, in the hangar or on the aircraft carrier deck, the motor can also provide takeoff assistance capabilities, which can lead to faster aircraft accelerations and and a shorter runway requirement.

This system contributes to a major reduction the number of hours spent on maintenance. There is no friction among its parts, so there is nothing to wear out or replace. This effort is currently part of a Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research award (March 2019).