Zero Emission Transportation

Our transit technology is based on optimized magnetic levitation and linear induction propulsion that is entirely electric and non-polluting. AMT has proven these concepts in deploying a full-scale test track in Powder Springs, GA, with a full-sized passenger vehicle and approximately 2,000 feet of elevated guideway. The system is the only full-scale magnetic levitation train in the United States and has demonstrated the core components of safety, levitation, propulsion, stability, loading, and speeds in excess of 35 mph.

Magnetic levitation vehicles are neither a new nor an especially challenging technology. Distinct, full-scale operational maglev systems have been built in Germany, China and Japan. These systems employ a high-tech guideway, generating powerful magnetic forces that yield very high speeds and utilizing very sophisticated electronic controls.  As such, they are “technology focused” — overly complex and extremely expensive (between US $50 and $100 million per mile) to build and operate. 

AMT has reversed this design concept and, by putting the magnets and controls in a light weight vehicle and developing a much simpler or “dumb” track, has slashed the system cost of construction and operation to levels sharply below even a conventional “steel-wheels-on-steel” light rail alternative — i.e. a “market- focused” approach. AMT considers itself the only market-driven company in the world that is ready to serve the low budgets of the mega-regional transportation sector.