Technical Attributes

A Superior Gear

AMT’s cycloid magnetic gear is a developed and service-proven product that rises above its mechanical counterparts as well as other magnetic concepts. A summary of the main advantages are listed below.

No lubrication
Without the ongoing maintenance of the system, the lifecycle is longer and the systems can be more flexibly located.

No mechanical fatigue
The absence of friction allows the gear to operate without typical wear-and-tear that reduces the life cycle of mechanical gearboxes.

Overload protection
The failsafe magnetic fields can automatically withstand energy input overloads with no risk of damage.

No mechanical contact losses
The elimination of teeth and other contact surfaces allows for utilization of the entire system at once with no stress points and very low losses.

High torque to volume ratio
The cycloid gear has the highest torque per volume ratio of any mechanical or magnetic gear. 

Very high efficiency
The prototype cycloid gear developed by AMT has already displayed efficiencies of 96% and even higher efficiencies are anticipated as the technology is optimized and scaled to a 100:1 ratio.

Wide temperature range operability
AMT’s cycloid gear is not compromised by varying weather conditions and can be deployed in a wide variety of climates.

No mechanical contact acoustics
The magnetic gear operates without creating any additional noise on the environment. For military applications, the gear leaves no acoustic signature.