Advanced, Affordable Transportation

Our “smart” vehicle is uniquely outfitted with 24 sophisticated, computer-controlled electromagnets attached to arms beneath the vehicle to provide lift (or “levitation”), guidance (horizontal stability) and vertical stability. When the vehicle is levitated, each electromagnet independently attracts to the steel rail, creating a one (1) centimeter or 3/8-inch air gap between the vehicle and the track. Each magnet’s levitation is carefully monitored by proprietary on-board controls that constantly adjust the magnetic forces 10,000 times per second to maintain this frictionless air gap while simultaneously controlling guidance and vertical stability. 

Propulsion is provided by two linear induction motors (or “LIMs”) mounted on each vehicle. These LIMs generate electromagnetic energy waves that push against the top of the guideway and serve to accelerate or decelerate the vehicle depending on the direction of the induced currents. To brake, the LIMs reverse direction and are able to recapture 53% of the expended energy used for acceleration.

Guideways are elevated an average of 33 feet above the ground, eliminating the need for grade crossings and signals.  Support columns require a mere 5-foot diameter footprint and girders can be installed quickly using a self-launching gantry crane, allowing for rapid system construction within existing highway rights-of-way. The simple guideway design requires no moving or electronic parts, allowing the civil works components of an AMT system relatively low cost, completely passive, simple to install and inexpensive to operate and maintain.

These proprietary, “solid state” innovative design approaches facilitate construction, operation and maintenance of a safe, reliable and swift transportation system at an average capital cost of US $20-30 million per mile— a remarkably low, new price point for both new and conventional transportation technology (which, according to the US FTA, ranges between $45 and 80 million per mile).

Green Technology

 The innovative design of our maglev establishes fundamental differences from its competitors, most notably in its patented green technology.  A zero carbon footprint remains from the entirely electric, renewable energy source, contributing to the removal of particulate matter from the air and complying with the growing number of global clean air initiatives. The Company believes that its technology is the only such transportation option that can provide growth, health and economic sustainability for passenger service and the goods movement in the emerging mega-regions of the world. Not only does AMT technology use clean, renewable energy, but its level of energy usage is significantly less than conventional “steel- wheels-on-steel-rail” and “rubber-wheels-on-concrete” technologies. Opposed to an average conventional transportation energy usage rate of 6 kilowatt hours per kilometer (kwh/km), this technology uses approximately 1.8 kwh/km, or 70% net less energy.


This remarkably low energy consumption, combined with the absence of moving parts (aside from the vehicle doors and HVAC), translates into incredibly inexpensive operating and maintenance costs for the AMT system — costs that can be easily covered by low passenger and freight transport fares, which is historically unheard of in the realm of conventional technologies. As a result, this technology brings forth billions of dollars in new market opportunities solely as a result of its advanced technology. Our mission is to cater to the different political, economic and transportation needs of the emerging mega-regions of the world, focusing on sustainable solutions for passenger service and the movement of goods. 

Economic Stimulus and Recovery

American Maglev combines the efforts of 118 US companies representing 26 US states and 77 Congressional Districts for the creation of our system. AMT plans to convene the products and efforts of this diverse network of suppliers and Strategic Partners at assembly facilities in the customer’s market in order to spark economic development in the surrounding areas. Not only will  the implementation of an AMT system create thousands of construction jobs, but a new GREEN high tech industry will be created within the customer's market for assembly of the vehicles. In addition, all 77 Congressional Districts contributing to the production of the product will see an economic stimulus regardless of the location of the transit system. That's what we call "Buy America"! 

Aside from enhancing the economy of the customer’s market, this strategy is to our development advantage, as we can more easily continue to innovate in conjunction with our technology partners’ distributed facilities, delivering the latest, most mature finished product to the value-added production site. We can focus on fortifying our intellectual property and control every phase of technology innovation and distribution, while avoiding huge capital infrastructure that generally creates design stagnation and leads to a decreased ability to compete. With this strategy, we can react quickly to changing market trends and conditions.